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    Posted on March 24, 2010 at 9:15 am

    Brand Thinking from Greenfield/Belser

    Whether you like the landmark U.S. health care bill or feel otherwise about the legislation (and politics behind it), BBC’s online reporting of the news does a fine job of using information graphics to frame and explain the problem. Follow this link:; and have a look at the series of three illustrations at the bottom of the article. The BBC has chosen to deliver substantive information graphically—a lesson for B2B marketers who strive to reach busy executive decisionmakers. Too often, these communication efforts are presented simply as endless narrative—in print, online, in face-to-face PowerPoint and in pitchbooks. A mistake, we believe.

    We’ve long advocated a USA Today scanning-reader style—now emulated by all media outlets—where charts, tables and graphs are combined with photos, illustrations and words to deliver key messages. Why? Because we have no more readers, only scanners. Honoring this fact is both respectful and courteous. And when it comes to the web, this approach is also healthier since eyes tire reading buckets of text online. You can learn more about our perspective by listening to our webinar, Designing the Interactive Experience, on YouTube.

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