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  • Site of the Week: Starbucks Digital Network


    Posted on October 25, 2010 at 12:51 pm

    starbucks digital

    Website: Starbucks Digital Network (only viewable from Starbucks WiFi network)

    Lessons to be learned from this site:
    Starbucks recently launched an exclusive website that can only be accessed from within a Starbucks store via their WiFi network – a sort of digital community cork board. A gutsy move considering anyone outside of Starbucks is unable to see the new site. The new site is worth checking out and brings up a few interesting points:

    1. The site is a partnership between Starbucks and Yahoo (even SNL is commenting on Yahoo these days).
    2. The content available on the Starbucks site is usually accessed via a paid membership. For example, one can read content from the New York Times that would normally require a password. This gives viewers full access to that content while they’re in Starbucks – the idea is that the content keeps customers in the store, and the content providers give users a way to test-drive memberships.
    3. SDN is viewable on laptops, iPhones, and a really slick iPad version. It is highly edited content: it focuses on local information, music downloads, and snippets of news and video. It is NOT intended to replace your usual online starting point – rather, it offers you a digital experience that is exclusive to your physical location.
    4. What I find most compelling is that it offers a new use model in information design: that information consumption is not just based on personal or professional interest or even geography (think FourSquare), but on immediacy – that “when-and-where” we are physically, figures heavily in where we choose to go online.

    This model certainly won’t replace what your firm’s site needs to do, but it does offer a wealth of ideas of what your firm’s intranet could do for both your employees and your visiting clients.

    Click here for more info and a video tour of SDN.

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