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  • What Makes for a Compelling Corporate Blog?


    Posted on January 12, 2011 at 11:58 am

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    Over a third of companies blog. Corporate blogs showcase new products and services, address customer concerns and alert customers about the latest developments in their industry. But what makes someone read your blog over others? recently released a study entitled, “What Makes for a Compelling Corporate Blog?” based on a survey of the Fortune 1,000 company blogs. What was the number one reason viewers read a blog? ENGAGEMENT! CMO’s of the Fortune 1,000 agreed the most successful blogs are those that engage readers, not just present information to them. Engagement was measured by the amount of comments left per blog post.  Does your blog measure up?

    As a thought leader, Greenfield/Belser strives to achieve user engagement with each of our posts. Is your company doing the same? Are you posting something that is relevant to your readers and will spark a discussion? Does your blog look the same as other blogs? Do you use imagery to draw readers in? Do you have interesting photos of your contributors?  If not, re-evaluate your posts and how you deliver them-all to be more engaging and ultimately make your blog more successful.

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