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  • Embrace Your Mistakes


    Posted on February 17, 2011 at 12:35 pm

    Nobody likes to admit they’re wrong. We all HATE doing it! And when it comes to a company error, it’s even more difficult to step up and be held accountable for something that could put the company in jeopardy or even cost jobs. However, the Red Cross’ recent faux pas is a good example of how to embrace our mistakes and turn them into positive learning experiences.

    We’re all human, and as a result, mistakes are bound to happen. The Red Cross realized that first hand yesterday, when an employee tweeted a personal message from the official Red Cross Twitter account. While tweets can be deleted from a Twitter account, we all know that once something is on the internet, it’s impossible to make it completely disappear. Instead of trying to cover up the error and pretend it didn’t happen, the Red Cross recognized their mistake and took action, tweeting a witty response that showed the organization was moving on from it. Turns out, their followers were sympathetic to the mistake and many retweeted their pledge of support to the Red Cross.

    So next time something goes wrong at your firm, whether it’s a memo that went public that wasn’t supposed to or an email that was sent before it was finished, take a minute to consider how the mistake can be turned into a positive. You might just be surprised at the results!


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