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  • Always Be Prepared


    Posted on March 31, 2011 at 8:26 am

    Sinking House

    The awful disaster in Japan reminds us that tragedy can strike anytime. However, being prepared and practiced in case of an emergency will keep everyone calmer when the Big One hits. Last week, we (i.e., Greenfield/Belser) reviewed office and personal disaster preparedness by ringing  the alarm bell. This was a test. If the alarm bell rings in your office, how prepared are you?

    1. Keep copies of important documentation with you at all times. If something happens to your home or you are unable to get to your home, important documents can help prove who you are and what belongs to you (including your kids!). Copies of you driver’s license, passport or birth certificate can be scanned and stored on your smart phone or on a thumb drive. In case you can’t access your insurance policy ID card, always keep your insurance agent’s phone number in your phone for easy access.
    2. Keep a grab and go bag in your car, office, home…or all three! Pack a bag with the essentials you would need in an evacuation–warm clothes, food, water, important papers, a flashlight, blanket and a portable radio. No matter where you are, you will be able to take care of yourself and those around you with the materials in your grab and go bag.
    3. Know the best evacuation route and nearest shelter. Two things people often don’t think about, but knowing the best evacuation route from not only your own home, but also your city can come in handy. There’s no time to waste when trying to get out of a disastrous situation. Similarly, locate the nearest shelter to your home in case you are unable to return home.

    While many of these tips may seem like simple steps that your employees already know, it’s always good to remind them how to maintain their own safety if a disaster arises. Take a few minutes to educate your employees today.

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