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  • My mobile device can beat up your mobile device. If only I can just lift it…


    Posted on July 28, 2011 at 3:36 pm


    I’d like to blame Mark Zuckerberg for starting all of this, when he said the “iPad is not mobile, it’s a computer.”

    Well of course it’s a computer, as is that Nokia you have in your pocket or any other electronic device you use today and have in your pocket. The bigger question is *what exactly is a mobile device?*

    If you take Apple’s definition, which is at the other end of a scale from Zuckerberg’s, iPads and iPhones are mobile devices. So, how about we set some basic guidelines about what determines the “mobility” of a device:

    –      able to fit in most reasonably-sized pockets, compartments and crevices
    –      having a built-in power source (battery or flux capacitor)
    –      an ability to access the greater Internet wirelessly, via wifi, cell tower or brain wave
    –      liftable by a 5-year old child (and in most cases, probably only effectively operable by aforementioned child)
    –      a display that is discernible when your eyes are two feet or less from it

    Hope that helps clear up any confusion anyone might have about what exactly defines a mobile device.

    The bigger issue, in our view, is not whether an iPad or other tablet is a mobile device, it’s making your firm’s full web site smartphone friendly. We’ve just launched our own mobile site. Check it out on your smart phone at And let us know what you think.

    Making your site mobile ready is a must have next step for marketers as more and more of your users are accessing your firm’s site on the go. And your full site is hard and frustrating to use without a proper adaptation for the smaller screen.


    Comment from Mahmoud El-Darwish July 28, 2011 at 3:49 pm

    This is what happens when you give ‘Millennials’ such as Mark Zuckerberg a fancy ‘etch a sketch’ -utter verbal rubbish. he probably meant an iPad is not a vest pocketable computer ;)

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