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  • Will Companies Flock to New Twitter Branding?


    Posted on December 22, 2011 at 11:57 am

    What is a marketer to do with the ever-expanding world of social media? Lately it seems that every time you turn around, someone else seems to be launching a new site with opportunities of extending your brand reach.

    First there was Facebook. Then, last month, Google+ opened for business. Now there’s Twitter, which has just announced new branding pages as part of its design overhaul. CNet has hailed Twitter’s new design features the best of the three social media giants (CNet News).

    Twitter branding is kicking off with 21 companies, including American Express, Best Buy, Coca-Cola, Disney, Intel and Verizon. The company has not yet made public when other businesses will be able to access the new features. So, while the rest of us wait our turn, marketers might have a look at the new interface and decide how best to take advantage of it.

    Consider these improvements: A company can now tailor its landing page to more precisely reflect its brand with its own color scheme, background images and logos. The search has been simplified so that you can now search by username in addition to hash tags. Ad Age sums up the other upgrades neatly: “First, the brand owners will be able to display a large customized header at the top of their Twitter page to help prevent the Twitter layout from covering up important brand details. Second, brand owners can flag a particular tweet to freeze at the top of their timeline. This tweet will also automatically expand to display any embedded media. Finally, brands can separate “@” replies and mentions to help them control their customer management.” (Ad Age). The new pages are also promised to be exclusive to each company: no advertising from other sources will appear on a firm’s landing page.

    Twitter can be a tremendously useful and expedient conduit between companies and customers. Consumers can respond to promotions, news or other information directly to businesses in real time and businesses can respond in like fashion. While many businesses already have a Twitter presence, the new elements will make it easier for them to reinforce brand identity and engage with consumers. You can check out the changes in this useful walkthrough at

    Have a look at the new Twitter: It’s worth a gander.

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