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  • Discovering the Truth Through Product Reviews


    Posted on January 17, 2012 at 3:20 pm

    Rotten Tomato

    If you’re like me, you make your online shopping decisions based largely on product reviews. And, if you have a suspicious mind like mine, you may have wondered if retail sites edit their user reviews to push particular products (usually the expensive ones). After coming across the review below, however, I think it’s safe to say that at least some online stores are honest enough to include the – shall we say – less glowing feedback.

    HDMI cables have become a staple within any media or entertainment system. It’s commonplace to pay anywhere between $5 and $100 dollars for a cable. However, one seller was asking a whopping $1095.99 for an HDMI cable. This is clearly well above what should be considered reasonable – it is not as if this particular cable had any extras that made the astronomical price justifiable. Finding an absurdly overpriced product for sale isn’t uncommon, of course (take this “I Am Rich” iPhone app for example). So when consumers strike back with an acid review like the one that follows, it makes me feel like the order of a crooked retail universe has been restored just a little bit:

    I bought this HDMI cable around Christmas time. Even though I just had a small 20-inch vacuum tube television and VCR-laserdisc combo player, my favorites immediately were up-converted to High Definition… My advice is simple: spending $1,000 on your mortgage, college education, retirement fund, or some boring investment is SOOOO short sighted. Make a decision for the rest of your life. Buy. This. Cable. IMMEDIATELY.” – Customer review from BestBuy

    Perverse as it may seem, reading this kind of sarcastic review helps me keep my faith in humanity.

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