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  • App of the Week: Zaarly


    Posted on March 27, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    App of the Week: Zaarly

    Craigslist, known as the digital version of the classifieds, has been around for 17 years now. Users can buy and sell products and services online while retaining anonymity. While this aspect of Craigslist affords users privacy, it can make others apprehensive, since you have no verification of the identity or track record of the person you are doing business with. Zaarly, a web app and mobile app for iOS and Android, looks to fix that. No longer do users hide behind a screen name; their profiles are tied to their Facebook, Twitter, Phone Number or Email accounts. The more avenues through which users are verified, the more likely they are to receive responses to their offers.

    Zaarly allows you to sell or browse for a service or a product. You can even set up alerts in your local area for services or products that interest you. Let’s say I’m looking for some fun photography gigs on the side. I can create an alert for any photography jobs within 25 miles of my house and Zaarly will let me know me whenever a user requests a service matching my alert. A young couple contacts me wanting to know whether I can shoot some photos within their budget. Zaarly enables me to find out that my potential clients have already used the app to acquire their caterer and florist. They can see that I have done 5 photography jobs in my area and that I normally respond within 24 hours. Having decided I meet their requirements, the couple then wants to setup a face-to-face. Zaarly alerts me immediately, which helps to ensure we remain in communication with one another.

    Zaarly may never overtake Craigslist in the online marketplace. Even so, I have been having fun with this app and have found lots of gigs for myself, my spouse and even close friends. Enjoy, kick back, and while you’re at it, try something new, like an hour of sushi chef lessons.

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