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  • The Argument For Small Firms


    Posted on March 29, 2012 at 8:58 am


    Channeling the recent Corporate Counsel article “Bye Bye Big Firm.”

    As a buyer of legal services it’s your job to keep costs low, now more than ever in this tough economy. It is no longer the case that the safest route for clients is to use the larger, well-known firms to provide all their legal needs. The growing trend of “unbundling” legal services – i.e., breaking up a case and then using different firms to handle its various aspects – puts smaller, leaner firms at a distinct advantage for cost-effective legal representation. Cottoning on to this trend, many smaller firms are pushing to be known not just as a cheaper alternative to the bigger names but as specialists who can get the job done better. Big firms can struggle to train “armies of associates” — often on the client’s dime. Smaller firms tend to turn to cost-effective, efficient technologies and expert knowledge to get the job done without the luxury of a big team. The bevy of corporate attorneys switching from major players to the rising number of small firms tells us this change of course may be here to stay.

    Seeing this a mile away, Greenfield/Belser built a service suite just for small firms. While on the upswing of this shift in the legal services industry, it is more important than ever to identify, brand and promote your firm’s custom service offerings. Don’t go it alone.

    Find out what Greenfield/Belser can do for you and visit our Capabilities page.

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Erika Ritzer

Erika Ritzer

Erika Ritzer is focused on branding service firms with less than 75 professionals. She brings over 20 years’ experience in marketing law, accounting and consulting firms. With a degree in graphic design, she understands all aspects of the creative process.