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  • App of the Week: Snapguide


    Posted on April 6, 2012 at 3:21 pm

    Snapguide AppApp of the Week: Snapguide

    Every now and then an app comes along that goes beyond app of the week. This may be app of the year.

    Snapguide brings how-to guides directly to the masses as a free mobile app for iOS and the web. Browsing for guides ranging from “Making Your Own Wallet” to “Melting Crayons on Canvas” to “Making Cake Pops” is a snap! The beauty of Snapguide is not just its ease of use; it gives you the ability to create your own interactive guides with supply lists, photos, videos and text – right on your phone.  Your content is created on the phone itself then uploaded for other users to view. Not only can you share your guides with the world, users can comment and offer advice, allowing you to continually provide feedback both to your viewers and the authors of other guides.

    Snapguide has a growing community and I am already thoroughly addicted. My only suggestion going forward would be to include a categorical way of finding guides. As of now we only have Search, Popular and Recent.

    Use SnapGuide to share your knowledge with the world!

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