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  • Conversational Branding: The infamous ‘What Do You Do?’ Question


    Posted on April 13, 2012 at 2:16 pm

    Business CardWe’ve written previously about the ubiquitous social question, what do you do?

    It’s interesting, at least to us, that the answer to the question is at the heart of a brand proposition. If you can’t say it in a sentence or on some other small space, like a business card, doing so is even harder on a broader canvas like a web site, an ad, a brochure, a proposal and so on.

    That’s why this particular link passed on by Jes Iadarola, Greenfield/Belser’s brand manager, caught my eye. It’s a collection of novel business cards, representing a wide swath of businesses—from a head shop to a divorce lawyer. Take a quick look. It’s an entertaining collection.

    The point of sharing is that a handful of these businesses have done a masterful and memorable job explaining what they do in the card they hand out. In some ways, the card answers that ubiquitous social question for them.


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Joe Walsh

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