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    Posted on May 14, 2012 at 8:26 am


    A yearlong leadership program at the Stagen Institute in Dallas gave me any number of insights and strategies to improve our business performance, including the idea of Knowers v. Learners.

    It’s not rocket science. We present and behave predominately as knowers, having the answers to all things large and small, or as Learners; inquisitive, questioning. One doles out information; the other takes it in. Typically, guys tend to be knowers; gals, learners. Both, in fact, are useful. When buyers are looking for experts like lawyers, accountants or consultants, they are essentially looking for knowers, as our own research has found. When buyers are making a decision, however, they are looking for reassurance, most likely provided by learners. This chart from our research shows the finding stage to be predominately an intellectual exercise seeking expertise. When deciding, buyers make emotional decisions, choosing comfort.


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