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  • Mix it Up a Bit: Tipp Experience 2


    Posted on May 10, 2012 at 12:56 pm

    tippexperienceThe linked video Tipp Experience 2 lets you direct your own video with the scene already set: a bear’s birthday party that is interrupted by a meteor. The user is initially presented with two outcomes, one simple and boring; the other suspenseful and whacky. In a surprising twist, a character reaches outside the video frame and erases the video title text, thus allowing the user to change the year of the video. This is where the fun starts. The film’s creators have written a story line for every selection the viewer makes and there are roughly ten opportunities when the viewer is presented with a choice. For example, the viewer can put characters into a silent film party in 1900, a Pac-man styled game in 1980, a cave-bear party in 64,0000 BC, a black hole in 1000000 — the list goes on and on — it’s quite extensive. Wrap-up: With almost 50 possible outcomes, the user is presented with a fun interactive experience. Like rewriting words on a page, the user can explore different outcomes fashioned to their personal tastes.

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