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  • “Who’s Next?” Is Your Site Mobile-Friendly, Yet?


    Posted on November 7, 2012 at 12:51 pm

    In their 1971 classic song, “Goin’ Mobile,” from the album Who’s Next, The Who inadvertently summed up the mobile phone user experience. Take one of Pete Townsend’s verses for example:

    “I can pull up by the curb
    I can make it on the road
    Goin’ mobile
    I can stop in any street
    Inviting people that we meet
    Goin’ mobile
    Keep me movin’”

    The Who were unwittingly prescient about today’s mobile phone world. Sadly, many professional services organizations are slower to tune into the trend.

    Roughly a year ago, research was published on the adoption rates of mobile-friendly websites among the top 200 U.S.-based law firms (AmLaw 200) and other top firms outside the U.S. (Global 100). Roughly 20% of these firms had published sites optimized for smart phones. You can read more about the stats at Law Firm Mobile.

    Contrast those numbers to the broader B2B world, where adoption rates have been pegged closer to 47% (Mobile Marketing Association) and the law firm category could be called slow adopters. Our anecdotal evidence, drawn from mobile work with clients this year, is that other professional services providers, like consulting and accounting firms, are also comparatively slower adopters.

    For many, 2013 will be the year to go mobile. If you’re currently looking at building a mobile optimized site, here is the key phrase to keep in mind:

    On mobile sites, context is king.

    And by context we mean the obvious—screen size. But you also need to factor in key usage patterns. Think about your own uses as you consider this list.

    On a desk or laptop, you are likely to be:

    Sitting at a desk
    In an office environment
    Doing some random web surfing
    Creating content
    Focused on the computer (or at least trying to focus)

    On your smart phone, you are likely to be:

    Sitting on a couch at home
    Walking around
    Traveling, waiting or in line (perhaps all at once)
    Seeking specific information, like a phone number
    Consuming content
    Easily distracted by important things, like other cars on the highway

    Usage clearly affects design of the mobile version of your website, as does the mobile technology itself. Here’s an informed tip. The hardest part of the task ahead will not be design or technology choices. Choices about content will be most difficult.

    We invite you to find more information about user-friendly designs and content in our recent Going Mobile presentation. You’ll find lots of good examples and lessons learned to guide you. And keep you movin’.

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