The Greenfield/Belser team really took the time to dig deep and understand our firm, its culture, its people, values and unique benefits. In many ways, they helped us to see and understand ourselves in ways that we hadn’t before. That has been invaluable.

Morgan Lewis

Conversational Branding

mastering conversational branding

We used to do sales training. And we thought we were pretty good at it. But week after week of weekend retreats soured us on the idea. How does one get to see the kids, the dog, the goldfish? It’s just wrong. So we quit.

Because we are so often asked for sales trainers, we have created a profile of many around the country who come recommended by our clients. However, but for a select few whom we can personally recommend, we pass these names along only as a service to our clients.

Why Is Your Program Called 30/3/30 If Not A Sales Program?

Okay, you got us where we live. We can’t develop a brand and then abandon the sales force on the street. So, while we elect not to deliver and sustain sales training activities, we feel it is extremely important that our client know what to say when they meet someone at a party or a conference or when they have the opportunity to make a formal pitch for their services. We sustain the 30/3/30 program so individuals know how to use the brochures, navigate sales sites, fuss with PowerPoint or endorse the advertising we create.

You Mean “Sales” Is Not The Same Thing As Marketing?

Sales focuses on what you have to sell (hours, cars, toothpaste). Marketing focuses on what the consumer needs (solutions, transportation, teeth). Sales, and therefore sales training, is a different discipline. If you really care about it, you’ll submit to videotapes plus strategies and tactical skills to improve your success. And you should. In fact, we urge our clients to delay spending on the brand program until they’ve marshaled a competent sales force. Still, here is a particular area of discipline that’s intertwined closely with marketing. Call us if you’re confused about what to do first or when to do the right thing. We always tell the truth as we see it. Somebody has to and it is the last thing you expect from a salesperson, right?