• Film Fest DC : poster


  • Film Fest DC : poster


  • Film Fest DC : poster


  • Film Fest DC : poster


  • Buchanan Ingersoll : announcement


  • Cooley : announcement


  • Dacona : announcement


  • No Pulp : minisite


  • Orrick : announcement


  • Orrick : announcement


  • Choate Hall & Stewart : invitation


  • Choate Hall & Stewart : trade show


  • LMA : invitation


  • SHRM : poster


  • SHRM : poster


  • SHRM : stickers


  • Sutherland Asbill & Brennan : announcement


  • Bradley Arant : announcement


  • Bradley Arant : announcement


  • Reznick Group : t-shirt


  • WSWA : announcement


  • Weirfoulds : holiday card


  • In 2 Books : holiday card


  • Piper Rudnick : holiday card


  • Greenfield/Belser Ltd. : holiday book


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One of the things that is truly remarkable about Greenfield/Belser is their breadth. We worked with them on virtually all aspects of our communication materials… Their people not only think strategically but also are truly versatile creatively.

Morgan Lewis

Events + Celebrations

celebrate good times or major events

Relocating your offices, promoting key employees, throwing a party, generating interest in a seminar—all are reasons to spread the word. A strong impression in your announcement creates a strong impression in the marketplace. And the more clients and prospects who notice, the more likely they are to respond or come to your event.

The marketplace, particularly for professional services, can be compared to a large cocktail party. The people you enjoy working with are not just interesting, they are interested in you. Events invites people into your circle of friends, which is different than a circle of clients. Therefore, show your interest in them by caring enough to produce high-quality, very creative communications that are filled with delight. We’ll help you rise to this challenge whether your piece is hard copy or electronic.