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The imagination and creativity of this firm run through everything they do. Back in 1912, the Russian impresario Sergei Diaghilev just said to Jean Cocteau ‘étonnez moi,’ astonish me. It’s absolutely wonderful that after 25 years, Greenfield/Belser continues to be able to astonish us.

Simon Chester
On the presentation of the John R. Bates Lifetime Achievement Award to Greenfield/Belser


In brief

  • National leader in brand strategy and design
  • Focused exclusively on professional services marketing
  • Led the revolution in legal industry branding
  • Hundreds of awards from every major design competition
  • More than 30 designers, copywriters, account executives and web developers 
  • Full suite of integrated services
  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Identity and collateral design
  • Web design
  • Market research
  • Digital strategy
  • Advertising
  • Media planning


  • Best of Show or First Place awards in every category of service we offer
  • More than 40 Legal Marketing Association (LMA) awards
  • LMA’s first lifetime achievement award for legal marketing
  • Presidential Design Award for Nutrition Facts (the most frequently reproduced design of the 20th Century)

Who are you? What’s your message?

Two pointed questions that can fluster even senior members of well-established firms. If you can answer with clarity and conviction—and your clients and prospects can do the same—you have a strong brand. 

If you’re less confident, we can help. Greenfield/Belser delivers all the solutions professional services firms need to develop distinct, authentic brands and boldly meet the market.

Left brain meets right: design for the bottom line

Our priorities, put simply, are substance, style and results. In that order. You might think a firm that’s won top honors in every major design competition would put style first, but good design is not paint on the surface. It rises from a sophisticated understanding of how a business works, the market pressures it faces and the purchasing habits of buyers.

Greenfield/Belser’s inspiring designs and on-point messaging have a purpose: to move marketing efforts to new levels of effectiveness, open new avenues for growth, and ultimately, enhance the bottom line.

Driven to innovate, then and now

In the 1980s, when law firms took their first hesitant steps into marketing, Greenfield/Belser started a revolution. Tossing out images of fluted columns and scales-of-justice, we introduced unexpected visuals and wit into legal marketing materials. 

The drive to push boundaries still defines us. Today, that means shifting from print to digital media at warp speed. Your target audience may now spend as many hours online as off.

We design beautiful, dynamic, state-of-the-art websites and can guide you through the entire digital forest to help you understand which of the latest technology and social media tools you might pluck from it to reach and engage your audience.

How close can you stand to the cutting edge?

Innovation drives the marketplace, but becoming an innovative market leader requires courage and creativity, not only on our part, but yours. Over decades of practice, we’ve learned how to build enthusiasm for the branding process within organizations and how to neutralize negative forces that can impede it. If you’re ready for a fresh, bold direction, and are willing to carry it through, we’d love to work with you. What we’ve done for others, we can do for you.


The diagram above is engraved in a glass wall in our office. There’s a simple belief behind it: when others are 95% done, we believe we’re only half way to great. Greatness lies in the last 5%. Everything else is just “good.”